Thora Hilmars

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Þóra Hilmarsdóttir is highly experienced and lives now both in Iceland and in London. She took courses in basic studies of movie making at The European Film Collage in Denmark. Then she went to London to the prestigious art school Central St. Martins where she combined her interest in arts and movie making. During her study and following her graduation, Þóra worked at Ridley Scott’s production company, RSAfilms, as creative researcher. In 2014 Þóra directed her first short film, Sub Rosa, which got an Edda Award nomination and won the main prize at The San Diego Film Festival, just to mention a few things. The latter short film of Þóra, Frelsun, got even more distribution. Þóra’s good reputation is increasingly growing and now she has also directed TV shows both here in Iceland and in the UK. Her latest shows include The Rising that was produced by Sky and premiered at́ Berlinale. Þóra has also directed a lot of music videos and ads and she received the award Lúðurinn in 2020 for an ad for Nova.